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Glasgow Colleges' Regional Board - www.gcrb.ac.uk
Glasgow Colleges' Regional Board March 2017 to date
Jim has been working with the Regional Board to implement the internal controls, and processes, to enable the Board to become fully operational.

Scottish College for Educational Leadership Ltd - www.scelscotland.org.uk
Scottish College for Educational Leadership Ltd June 2015 to date
Following an initial review of the internal controls, Jim has provided financial support on an on-going basis. In addition, to work on budgeting and financial reporting this has included a number of additional projects, such as Data Analysis.

New College Lanarkshire - www.nclanarkshire.ac.uk
New College Lanarkshire September to October 2016
Jim was asked to undertake a review of Finance and Student Funding Service of the College and identify areas for improvement.
Colleges Scotland - www.collegesscotland.ac.uk
Colleges Scotland September 2014 to January 2015
Colleges Scotland in Stirling supports the Further Education Sector in Scotland by ensuring that it's views are heard and it's interests represented. Jim has fulfilled the role of Funding and Finance Lead, helping to developing policy for the sector.

Following the review Jim has continued to provide on-going support in terms of financial and management information.

"Jim has been a real asset to us and got through the workload by positively contributing and using his initiative. He used his expertise to advise us wisely and brought an element of calmness to a quite hectic environment."
Shona Struthers, Chief Executive Colleges Scotland
Scottish Funding Council - www.sfc.ac.uk
Scottish Funding Council September 2014 to June 2015
Jim has been engaged by Further Education Development (FED) to provide support to a College to assist with its Business Planning process and strategy. This work will help the College develop its future development plans.
Advanced Procurement for Universities & Colleges - www.apuc-scot.ac.uk
Advanced Procurement for Universities Colleges January 2014
Jim provided support and advice regarding the financial evaluation of bids as part of a tender process.
Adam Smith College - www.adamsmith.ac.uk
Adam Smith College October 2012 to July 2013
Adam Smith College in Fife is one of the largest colleges in Scotland but is currently facing a number of challenges. Jim has been asked to support the College on a range of financial matters.

"I worked with Jim Godfrey over a period of 8 months from October 2012 until May 2013 at Adam Smith College. I was interim Principal and Jim was interim Vice Principal with primary responsibility for Finance. In, what was a very demanding period for the College, Jim played a key role in resolving complex issues. Jim had responsibility for leading various teams across the college and for preparing accounts and reports for the Board of Governors. His role also involved working on sensitive investigations around financial mismanagement and led to him liaising with various external agencies. In all of the duties I asked Jim to undertake I found his work to be of the highest possible standard. His attention to detail and his logical problem solving ability were critical in moving the college forward. I found Jim to be a person of great integrity and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for future employment."
Martin McGuire, Interim Principal of Adam Smith College

"Jim Godfrey was recommended to Adam Smith College from the Further Education Directorate, Scottish Funding Council, to support the college during a difficult period.
I found Jim to be thorough, competent and able to confidently present and explain the opinions he was offering. Jim was able to bring his experience and expertise on financial management and this has improved the systems and processes within the college."

Irene Morrison, Chair of the Board of Adam Smith College
Langside College - www.langside.ac.uk
Langside College October 2012
Langside College is currently involved in merger discussions with two other colleges in Glasgow. Jim was asked to help the College prepare its statutory accounts for 2011/12 and support the audit process.
Edinburgh's Telford College - www.ed-coll.ac.uk
Edinburghs Telford College October 2010 to December 2012
As one of the largest Colleges in Scotland with an annual turnover of £30m the College is facing up to a reduced level of funding. Jim has taken a lead role on a diverse range of financial matters to ensure that the financial sustainability of the College is maintained.

"Jim Godfrey has been employed as Director of Financial Services at Edinburgh's Telford College. This role has also included estates management and support for the Board of Management re. governance issues.
Jim is an outstanding member of the team and is able to provide advice and guidance whilst driving significant change. Jim is an excellent team player always there to support and give guidance but equally able to work independently. I have total confidence in Jim's ability to work confidentially.
Jim has introduced significant new procedures to create a more efficient and effective user friendly financial service at Edinburgh's Telford College.
Jim's work with procurement has ensured we provide outstanding value for money for the college. He has established IT based ordering systems across the institution making significant savings but one which meets the needs of colleagues. He is able to quickly meet the challenge and find the solution.
Jim enjoys the complete support of the Executive Team. He has excellent communication skills which enable him able to work with staff, providing support and also providing clear instruction where necessary.
I have no hesitation in recommending Jim's services, he is highly regarded throughout the organisation and the sector.
In my opinion Jim is the best Financial Project Manager in the FE sector, he is outstanding in all respects of his work."

Miles Dibsdall OBE Principal & CEO
Scottish Funding Council - www.sfc.ac.uk
Scottish Funding Council September 2012 - October 2012
Jim was engaged by the Further Education Development team to provide advice to a Scottish College in respect of their cash flow management.
January 2012 - May 2012
Jim was invited to work for the Further Education Development team to support another college in Scotland. This college had recently undergone a significant re-organisation and Jim was asked to provide mentoring support to the new team.
Scotland's Colleges - www.scotlandscolleges.ac.uk/
Scotlands Colleges Review of Funding Methodology - May 2011 to June 2013
The review of Further Education funding in Scotland is being led by the Scottish Funding Council. Jim is supporting Scotland's Colleges in this project.
Advanced Procurement for Universities & Colleges - www.apuc-scot.ac.uk
Advanced Procurement for Universities Colleges May 2011 to July 2011
APUC had an urgent need for financial support. Jim was able to step in at short notice and provide interim support and advice.

"Many thanks for all your work with us, your contribution has been extremely valuable."
Angus Warren, Chief Executive APUC
Dumfries and Galloway College - www.dumgal.ac.uk/dumgal
Dumfries and Galloway College Value for Money and Capital Projects - October 2010 to January 2011

"Jim has provided support and advice on a number of value for money and capital projects and his objective, accurate and insightful analysis has enabled us to fully understand and consider our options and to make sound decisions about often complex issues."
Tony Jakimciw, Principal
Scotland's Colleges - www.scotlandscolleges.ac.uk/
Scotlands Colleges Quick Guide to FE Finance - November 2010 to March 2011
The project created on-line learning materials to explain the financial arrangements for further education colleges in Scotland. The materials are publicly available and designed to improve financial awareness across the sector.


Feedback from users has been very positive.

"On behalf of myself and my colleagues in Scotland's Colleges Finance Community of Practice Steering Group I would like to thank Jim for the considerable skill and hard work he put in to developing the 'Quick Guide to FE Finance' training application. The content is informative and extremely useful and relevant for stakeholders across the College sector. I am sure it will be a valuable training resource for now and in the future."
Tracy Elliot, Project Manager
Scottish Funding Council - www.sfc.ac.uk
Scottish Funding Council November 2010 to April 2011
Jim was asked by the Scottish Funding Council to review the systems of internal control. A review of risks was followed by the development of new processes and procedures. The new procedures complemented the new organisational structure and have been warmly welcomed.

"Jim's role in the project was very helpful to us. It was particularly helpful to us to have an independent eye cast over things backed up by a depth of experience and to challenge some of the things we have always done."
Riona Bell, Director of Finance and Corporate Resources
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